Working hard to evolve our business and services offered in light of the current Covid-19 crisis.

Our practice is now fully fitted with protective equipment to ensure your visit is a safe one.

We have separated our services onto specific days to increase efficiency.

  •  Sight Tests
  • Frame Selection
  • Fitting
  • Repairs

For any of the above services, a pre-booking triage questionnaire must be completed. An appointment is then confirmed.

On arrival for yoru appointment

On arrival for your appointment your temperature shall be taken. You will be asked to put on shoe covers and sanitise your hands before putting on gloves, and a mask.

We shall then proceed to sanitise our store after every visitor leaves, and before the next arrives.

No Contact Collection / Drop Offs.

We shall also be running:

  • No Contact Collection / Drop Offs.

For the no contact service, as you do not enter the store, no pre-booking protocol is engaged. Products are passed through the letterbox.

Here to help

If you have any questions please do contact our team by email or phone.

We appreciate all of your support in helping to keep you and our team safe