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Contact Lens FAQs

How do I put contact lenses in?

Step one: remove the lens from the package
* Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
* You need good lighting, a clean cloth, and a mirror.
* Always handle the right lend first, it’s a good habit so you remember which lens goes in which eye.
* Gently move the contact lens up the ramp in the packet, and out.

Step two: make sure the lens is the right way around
* With the lens on the tip of your finger, inspect the shape.
* It should be an obvious semicircle shape. If the lens edge has a curl or a lip, it is likely inside out.
* If the lens is suspected to be inside out, put it in your hand, drizzle the solution on top and gently turn the lens the right way round.

Step three: put the right lens in first
* Look straight ahead into a mirror.
* Hold back your upper lid eyelashes against your brow using your first left hand finger.
* Using your right hand middle finger, pull your lower lid down.
* Watching in the mirror with your left eye, bring the lens toward your right eye.
* Place the lens gently over the iris, so that all the edges of the lens are in contact with the eye
* Blink gently a couple of times.
* When you are sure that the lens is properly in place, and you can tell this because you will be able to see clearly, repeat the procedure for your left lens

Do contact lenses expire?

* Daily lenses are worn only once, thrown at the end of the day.
* Monthly lenses – discuss the length of time you can wear these with your optician.
* Do not wear lenses longer than advised.

Can I wear contacts if I need a strong prescription?

There are a wide variety of contact lenses available, with very few restrictions or exceptions. Contact your optician to further discuss your suitability.

What hygiene precautions are needed as a contact lens wearer?

Hygiene is paramount as a contact lens wearer. It is extremely important to maintain high level of contact lens hygiene and that you follow all the cleaning procedures outlined in this section.

To reduce the risk of infection:

* Wash and dry your hands thoroughly any time you plan to touch your eyes or contacts.
* Do not let water come into contact with your lenses or it’s case.
* Always follow the instructions provided by ClearVision Opticians. Failure to do so can put the health of your eyes at risk.
* The hygiene of the case housing your contacts is also important. Clean you case weekly with your contact lens disinfecting solution. Do not use regular tap water.
* The case for your lens should be replaced regularly, and you should follow the advice of ClearVision Opticians or the leaflet which comes with your case.
* Remember to always keep the lid firmly closed on solution bottles when not in use.
* The solution you store your lenses in should always be fresh.
* Replace your solution regularly as per the advice of ClearVision Opticians.

My eye is more red than normal, what should I do?

Take out the contact lens. Call us at ClearVision Opticians. If this happens outside our business hours, seek emergency medical advice.

My eye keeps watering, is this normal?

Take out the contact lens. Call us at ClearVision Opticians. If this happens outside our business hours, seek emergency medical advice.

What should I do if my contact lens has ripped and split?

If a lens has ripped while you are wearing it, and it is in your eye, please go to ClearVision Opticians for assistance. If this has occurred outside of our business hours, please seek emergency medical care. Please note Contact lenses can split occasionally during handling, so always looks or this before putting the lens into your eye. It is very unlikely for the lens to rip when it is being worn.

I can’t see clearly with the contact lens in my eye - what should I do?

Do as follows:
* Take the lenses out.
* Put your up-to-date glasses on and see if you can see through them in the eye that is affected when wearing the contact lens.
* If your vision does seem normal with your up-to-date glasses then please call us at ClearVision Opticians to book an appointment.
* If your vision does not improve with your up-to-date glasses and the decrease or loss in vision is sudden please call ClearVision Opticians immediately. If this has occurred outside our business hours, please seek immediate emergency medical advice.

Can contact lenses hurt?

The technology behind contact lenses has improved year on year, and comfort is a priority. We are here to help you try them, We’re sure you will be surprised by how comfortable they are.

What risks am I taking by wearing contact lenses?

Eye concerns caused by contact lenses occur rarely if all the guidelines listed here are followed. If you are worried about the problems associated with contact lenses, choosing to go for daily lenses can be the most comforting option.

Is it normal to be a little uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses?

If you experience only mild discomfort with your lenses and it seems dryness related, you can use comfort drops. If you continue to feel discomfort remove the lenses.
If you experience severe discomfort, please take out the lenses immediately. Once the lenses have been removed, if the discomfort doesn’t improve please call ClearVision Opticians. If this happens out of our business hours, please seek emergency medical advice.

Why is it important to attend my contact lens aftercare checks?

If you are new to wearing contact lenses, it is very important to take regular aftercare checks seriously. At ClearVision Opticians, our professional contact lens consultant will examine the health of your eyes and check that you are not having any problems with the lenses or solutions being used.