Single vision lenses

A single vision lens has one prescription over the entire surface. These can correct near distance or far.

When choosing which single vision lenses to go for, our experts will discuss the following features with you:

  • Fields of vision: You will choose how wide you would like the prescription to run across the surface of the lenses, the widest offering you the best field of vision to the very edge of the lens.
  • Thinness: Depending on your prescription, the lense thickness can vary. Thickers lenses can limit your choice of frames, as well look less appealing aesthetically. You can choose to go for thinner and lighter lenses, solving the limitations faced by higher prescriptions.
  • Transition: You can choose to have lenses which react in sunlight to go darker allowing you to use your glasses all seasons. You can choose how fast they react and what color they react into.
  • Coatings: You can choose to protect your eyes from UV rays and blue rays and prevent from early onset of related eye diseases.
    If you require both reading and distance glasses, we can offer you two separate pairs. However, we would recommend that varifocals would be a more convenient and aesthetically pleasing option for you.