Our caring and professional optometrists are dedicated to providing you a comprehensive eye examination.  We accept private and NHS appointments. Visit our homepage to request a visit today.

The most important decision you will make is which lens is best for you and your lifestyle.

We specialize in Lenses and offer a multitude of available coatings to suit your needs and budget. Our expert dispensing opticians will walk you through the crucial aspect of selecting the correct lens for your eyes. We will guide you without compromising your fashionable frame choice. It can be a technical aspect, but our promise to you is to simplify the process with transparency and honesty.


We have an onsite laboratory. Our experts are trained professionals who will craft and cut your glasses with care and precision. We offer a one hour service subject to lens and frame availability.

Contact Lenses

Clearvision ensures it is at the forefront of the evolution of technology of contact lenses.

We have contact lens specialists who will assess and advise the best lenses for your eyes offering you a convenient alternative to glasses.
Once fitted with lenses, our clinical attention in your care shifts to maintaining the health of your ocular surface as a contact lens wearer.
For your convenience, we offer an automatic re-ordering service ensuring you never run out of your lenses.

Call, email us or speak to your optometrist on your next visit to register for this service.