This lens is the closest we can get to your natural eye vision. It will allow you to see near, in between and far.

As we age, our eyes change and we often experience blurred vision when trying to read newspapers, labels, books and so on. This is completely normal, and it is called Presbyopia.
If this sounds familiar to you, there are three lens which could ease the symptoms of Presbyopia:

  • Reading: These will aid you in close up reading only. If you look up, your vision would be blurry, and you would have to remove the glasses.
  • Bifocal: This is an older lens. There is a distinct mark on the lens which separates the distance and the reading prescriptions. This lens will not correct in between vision.
  • Varifocal: This lens corrects all distances – near, far and in between.

We recommend varifocal lenses because:

  • Convenience: You come closest to natural vision in just one pair of glasses.
  • Aesthetics: There are no distinct lines on the lens.

It is important to understand that Varifocals are close to natural vision, but are not 100% natural vision – this means there will be areas of the lenses where you experience less focus. To minimise this, there are categories of lenses from which you can choose how much “softer focus” you will experience. We are here to guide you.